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17 August 2017


Alhamdulillah, we have successfully organized our Annual General Meeting (AGM) today. Below are the line up of High Committee UTPRCSU 2017/2018

President                    : Ahmad Muaz bin Che Mansor (011-23550092)
Deputy President            : Nur Hazwani binti Ahmad Halil (017-6197665)
Vice President I              : Isyraff Imran bin Ismail (017-3657473)
Vice President II             : Amira Najwa binti Amirul (011-23246203)
Secretary I                      : Nur Syazwani binti Ahmad (017-2042795)
Secretary II                    : Shabila binti Shoib (019-5547786)
Treasurer                        : Muhammad Azfar bin Ab Aziz (013-9903500)
Ahmad Muaz bin Che Mansor,
President Residential College Support Unit 2017/2018

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06 August 2017

Engagement Session with DVC

Dears students,
There will be an engagement session with UTP's DVCSAA, AP Dr Nor Hisham bin Hamid. Please refer to the poster below for more information.
Thank you.

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1) Our page : Residential College Support Unit - RCSU UTP
2) www.utprcsu.blogspot.com
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3) utprcsu@gmail.com

Residential College Support Unit 2016/17
#RVUTP #WeCareForYou #RCSU

26 May 2017

Recruitment Drive RCSU UTP May 2017

Residential College Support Unit (RCSU) is an established student body that primarily serves as a medium between Residential College Management and students.
Looking forward to be part of this family?Now we are recruiting new members.
Come and join us!😃

Online application form :
DEADLINE : 28th May 2017 8.00pm

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17 February 2017

Memo accommodation for March16 and July16 batch

Assalamualaikum and Hi. Attached below are the memo for accommodation March16 and July16 batch. Kindly share the memo to the related parties. Thank you

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16 February 2017


Together with Chinese New Year Fiesta by ROAR, this time RECMO XV is going to provide you scrumptious food endlessly!

-Western Food
-Potato Spring
-Mango Ice Blended
-Your ultimate fav ayam gunting
ANDDD promise you there will be many more to come!
So don't forget to save your date on these *18&19 February at Student Square*!

Visit us at: 1) RCSU UTP facebook page 2) www.utprcsu.blogspot.com 3) or email us at utprcsu@gmail.com

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